Moray Maras and Chinchero – Half Day Tour

Amazing salt production for almost 1000 yrs
Sometimes the lines of cars and buses going in and out of here are challenging so you might want to plan your visit for early in the day… this is an amazing process to see. The salt spring wells up from the volcanic rocks, and the Incans and the Indians learned how to control the flow of the spring into various pools, down a whole hillside that faces the sun, so that it dries and hardens. They have supplied salt for hundreds and hundreds of years. Very intense, strong salt flavor, unlike what most people are used to – very little is needed.
This is not a ruin, this is an active salt mine and you can watch and listen and see the process. However, don’t plan on a short trip.. there’s a bit of a walk in from the parking lot – people who can’t do steps might have a hard time – and there is a gauntlet of vendors to walk through in order to get down to the salt pools.
If you want to understand some of the basis of the culture it is very well worth the visit.


We’ll begin our tour by picking you up at 7:30 am from your hotel. The places you will visit on this tour are Moray, Maras, and Chinchero. Lunch is not included in this tour, but if you wish to eat at a traditional restaurant along the way in Chinchero your tour guide can suggest some delicious restaurant options for you. Depending on whether you wish to have lunch while on tour or back in Cusco this tour can last anywhere from 5-6 hours.
Moray translated in Quechua means circular shaped building. This is an archaeological site of approximately 50KM from Cusco in the Urubamba Valley at an altitude of 11,500ft. Moray is Inca Terraces constructed in a circular form from natural craters. That is how the Inca architects gave it form. The purpose of the constructions is a mystery; however, by the deepness of some of the terraces, a unique climate is created. Archaeologist and biologist have deduced that the site might have been an ancient Inca laboratory, and its purpose was to plant different products at different altitudes and pollinate different kinds of plants. Today these plants became native of Peru such as Potato, Quinoa, Tomato, and many more.
Maras salt mines are the main source of salt producing center in the Cusco region. It is one of the main sources of the economy in Maras. What brings tourists to this location is how the locals extract salt from this mine in its natural form. There are approximately 5,000 pools of salt and every year this number increases. Every local from this town owns 10-20 pools. During the dry season is when most salt extraction takes place. It is impressive how this salt-producing center from pre-Incan times stills maintains its tradition. To support this community we continue visiting Maras. If you wish to buy natural organic salt for the culinary or medicinal purposes, this is the best place to do it.
Afterward, we’ll continue our tour to the small Andean village of Chinchero. You will enjoy beautiful views of the Sacred Valley of the Incas and see firsthand how native people weave clothing garments from Llama and Alpaca wool. Your trip ends in Chinchero. We will drop you off at your respective hotels back in Cusco.





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