Machu Picchu By Train 3D/2N

In just Three days you will Explore the best of Cusco! This adventure package includes the City Tour of Cusco, followed by the Sacred Valley of the Incas tour on the Second day. On the last and final day, you will tour the long and awaited Machu Picchu tour.

In the dawn of the 15th century, the Inca formed the only and most powerful empire that existed in South America. A religious military state so well organized that still, today causes admiration for historians who continue to seek answers to the many questions that are made about it. Who were the Incas? Where do they originate?, from its appearance as a wandering tribe almost lost in the immensity of the Andes until its transformation from its battle of an empire that extended much of South American continent.

The Incas are surrounded by one side of mysteries because they did not know the writing system or the wheel, never received influence of other towns beyond the Andes, however in the center of the most difficult geography of the planet they knew to build a rich and wonderful society that came to To govern more than 10 billion inhabitants.

Discover the magic and mysteries of the Incas while exploring their history, touring the beautiful capital of the Incas. which they called the navel of the world or QOSQO stone city (Cusco)


Day 1: Arrive in Cusco + City Tour

We’ll pick you up from the airport and drop you off at your respective hotel. At approximately 1:00 pm you’ll officially meet your tour guide leader in your hotel lobby. Your tour leader will give you a pre-briefing departure prior to your tour. The trip for today consists of visiting the most important cites within Cusco city. This tour is recommended for everyone, especially if you will go on long hiking trails so your body can accustom to the high altitude. In this half-day trip, you will get an initial introduction about Inca and Colonial architecture and history. You will be dropped off in your respective hotel at 6 pm.

Places you will visit:

  • Plaza de Armas
  • The Main Cathedral
  • Qorikancha
  • Saqsayhuaman
  • Tambomachay
  • Puca Pucara




Day 2: Sacred Valley Full Day – Aguas Calientes

On this day you’ll be picked up from your hotel at around 7:30 am. Be sure to have breakfast at your hotel. Your first stop will be at Awanacancha. Here you can observe the Camelid family native to Peru. You’ll see various llamas, alpacas, and vicuñas. From these animals, local people use their natural fibers to make clothing and textiles. You will see first hand the dyeing process using natural pigments such as plants, minerals, and insects. Your next stop is the archaeological site of Pisac and its market. You will have the opportunity to buy souvenirs for yourself and your family from local native people. On the way to your last stop, you will have a delicious traditional buffet lunch in Urubamba (included in price). After lunch, your last stop is the archaeological site of Ollantaytambo. This town is considered alive Inca town because the streets/roads and constructions are still original work from the Incas. Local people took possession of this town and built their homes over the original buildings. You will explore the main attraction of this site, which is the megalithic temple of the sun. This temple is incomplete but one can appreciate the original construction. After you are finished exploring with your tour leader you will head out to Ollantaytambo train station. The train ride to Aguas Calientes is for 2 hours. You will be taken to your hotel once you arrive and given your briefing for the following day. 

Optional: Hot springs of Aguas Calientes (not included)

Day 3: Machu Picchu – The Lost City of the Incas

To avoid large lines and crowds we highly suggest you have a very early breakfast (5:00 am) at your hotel before taking the earliest bus to Machu Picchu. We recommend everyone to try and be the first ones in line because it fills up incredibly quick. Enjoy the first view of Machu Picchu and the sunrise (depending on the weather). Your tour leader will guide you throughout this magnificent site for about 3 hours. Afterward, you will have your own free time to explore this citadel and take numerous photos. If you book well in advance and have a Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Mountain ticket, your tour leader will take you to the main entrance where you can explore these sites on your own. Not everyone explores these sites, if interested be sure to mention this when you book your trip. If you choose to not purchase these extra sites, the Inca Bridge or Sun gate are free options located within Machu Picchu. Be sure to return to Aguas Calientes on time to board your train. Your tour leader will specify the time after your guided tour. The train ride back to Ollantaytambo is approximately 2 hours followed by a 2-hour drive to Cusco. We will drop you off at your respective hotels. This concludes the end of your adventure.


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How to Book

We are available to speak to you by phone, chat, email or any other modern form of communication. We highly suggest you contact us directly and confirm with us before your booking. Please fill out our Booking Form and pay the 50% deposit of your tour. TLPA will email you back that same day with your confirmation. We always send out confirmations. If for some reason you do not hear from us, contact our office and we will resend.
We are so happy and thrilled to take you on this exciting adventure. Thank you for trusting us

Additional Upgrades

Huayna Picchu

If you want to climb Huayna Picchu make sure to book in advance as there are only 400 permits allowed daily to this location.

$40 per person Please notify us during your booking if you wish to purchase this upgrade

Machupicchu Mountain

Machupicchu Mountain offers even more magnificent views than Huayna Picchu. There are also only 400 permits allowed daily to this location. A 360-degree view of Machupicchu and the surrounding valley and glaciers are seen from this mountain.

US$35 per person Please notify us during your booking if you wish to purchase this upgrade

Inka Bridge

If you did not have the opportunity to book an additional upgrade this one is available for free. It is an hour and half round trip hike.

Sun Gate

If you did not have the opportunity to book an additional upgrade this one is available for free. It is a two-hour round trip hike.

Vistadome Train

From Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo: Prices vary from $57.00 to $73.00 per person one-way

From Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo: Prices vary from $57.00 to $73.00 per person one-way

Additional Night in Aguas Calientes hotel

The price depends on the season and Hotel availability


We are excited to be part of your adventure and lead you to one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Make sure to book your tour in advance. Only 2500 people a day are permitted in Machu Picchu. Don’t miss your adventure!

From $659 per person

  • 2 Trekkers Minimum: $659 per person

Note: An initial deposit of $250 is required to reserve your spot. The remaining balancing is payable when you arrive in Cusco. We require this deposit in order to buy train and bus tickets, entrance to Machupicchu and to reserve your hotel.


This tour includes a three-star Hotel in which wifi, private bathroom, and hot shower are included. Prices are based on shared room occupancy. Single rooms are available at an extra fee ($40). Please inform upon your booking if you wish to have a single room otherwise you will share with another member from the group. Other hotels are available upon requests such as Sumaq hotel, La Cabana, Tierra Viva, Casa Andina, El Mapi and etc. Prices vary depending on the season. If you want a luxurious hotel that is located right next to Machupicchu then the BELMOND SANCTUARY LODGE MACHUPICCHU is your best option.

*If you book your own hotel there is a $40 discount per person*

  • PERU
  • USA


Please take money (preferably soles) for your own personal expense while on your tour. You may wish to buy yourself some beverages, souvenirs and/or tip your personal staff. If you hold an ISIC card or have any children traveling with you please notify the office during your booking. You will receive an additional discount upon proof of ISIC card and/or Passport.