Salkantay Trek & Altitude Sickness

Salkantay Trek & Altitude Sickness. First I want to thanks to all my ex-customers. For a Such as nice opportunity and hike together this Wonderfull trip Salkantay Trek to Machupicchu.


I know most of you survived on Salkantay Trekaltitude Sickness over 15,000ft and thank you for all the effort Mostly for your recommendations! about this Article. I hope this Article its going to help to resolve Salkantay Trek & Altitude Sickness the other future hikers. Because of Salkantay Trek & Altitude Sickness its no kidding.

Other tour operators Offer this Tour Package as if it was an average walk in the park. Know that it is not. There are times when people would have to return back to Cusco after the first day because the hike is too arduous for them.

Bear in mind that in this trek an emergency horse is including in our Company most of the other travel agencies do not offer a horse, you pay for it.

Why do we include Horses:

Is in case you get too tired and need some rest you can use for free on the way up to the summit of Salkantay trek before to get Altitude Sickness.

We made this article Titled Salkantay trek & Altitude sickness because We been hiking this Salkantay trek for many years and I know how intense could be the altitude sickness if you don’t acclimatize properly before your hike.

Please consider this Blog not only for Salkantay trek to Machupichu. you can keep this article as a reference for other trip around Cusco Region, because We have a lot of hiking option and most of them are almost at the seem elevation Such as Salkantay trek, keep this advice For The Inca Trail to Machupicchu 4D/3N, Lares Trek to Machupicchu,Choquequirao trek 5D/4N or any other tour related with Altitude sickness.

What Makes special Salkantay Trek?

Salkantay Trek has considered one of the best and unique alternative hikes in Cusco Peru one of the most popular options is Salkantay Trek Adventure 5D/4N to Machu Picchu very recommendable.

This trek is full of beautiful landscapes as you hike from bottom of Glacier to tropical jungle. Throughout your hike, you will observe the gorgeous glacial Umantay Lake, waterfalls, and hike through the Peruvian cloud forest. The air you breathe will be pure and fresh as you are up at approximately 4,600m/15,000ft.

Salkantay Trek & Altitude Sickness pictures


What exactly is Altitude Sickness?

At high elevation the air is thinner and cold, so that means each breath you take contain less oxygen than what you’re used to. So to control this situation. Altitude sickness will affect some travelers regardless of acceding your physical condition, age, and genders.

Also, your body needs to breathe faster. Pumping blood more rapidly in order to take in the same amount of oxygen it is accustomed to receiving in the place you come from. But for many hikers, Salkantay trek adventures comes as a shock to the body causing various symptoms.


Dizziness, lightheadedness




Diarrhea or constipation

Difficulty breathing

Heart racing

Loss of appetite,

Trouble sleeping.

For some, it will pass within a few hours, however for many the condition if gone untreated may last for several days.

There is not really a “cure” for altitude sickness, other suggestions would be descending back down to a normal elevation. Cusco is at 10,826 feet (3,300 meters). Machu Picchu is significantly lower at 7,545 ft (2,300 m). Altitude sickness generally starts affecting people at 8,000 feet or higher, so Machu Picchu isn’t really the potential problem–Cusco is. Everyone who goes to Machu Picchu must pass through Cusco.

How altitude sickness is going to affect you on Salkantay Trek & Altitude Sickness?

According to our Experience is more probably if you did not Acclimatize very well before this trip. You will have the effects according to the day of hiking

Day one: its most probably you will star with a little headache, nausea and less appetite.

Second Day: is considered Challenge day for many reasons.  If you still with altitude problems you will continue with a hard and painful headache, you will feel full lest appetizer but keep in Mind is just the gravity and the pressure of the air which is going to put you in this situation. It is very uncontrollable don’t be shy or pretended to be strong enough talk with your Tour leader.

In case get worse your Altitude sickness hiking on the way up to the Summit to ask for Oxygen to your Tour Leader. they usually carry oxygen for an emergency in their backpacks. as soon you will start descending after Salkantay pass,  believe me, you will feel better and probably you’ll start getting the appetizer. (Remember this depends on you Immune System how quickly is going to adapt on Salkantay trek)

The third day: Consider as a Normal as a normal day no more Salkantay Trek & Altitude Sickness

We highly recommend you read and follow these suggestions in order to reduce the chances and/or severity of Salkantay Trek & Altitude Sickness to Machu Picchu.

Prior to departure, speak with your healthcare provider. They may recommend the medication Acetazolamide (Diamox), in the U.S. is a prescription drug often used for to tread Glaucoma; however, it has been found to reduce altitude sickness. the symptoms if taken a day or two before you arrive in Cusco. learn more about Diamox peels here

Diamox side Effects

Hard bits faster than normal

you’ll probably need to pee more frequently: not very convenient when you are traveling

as soon you get the effect of Diamox in your system probably your fingers start getting Nam or Tingling. Don’t Panic because sometimes its very strong. and you can get this effects on any part of your body mainly in your Fingers and Feet.

Make you void all the time: this can be funny. When you are already hiking any trip probably you will Urynete more than normal. along the Salkantay trek, we create already a phrase (Pick a flower) so that means you need to find your special spot for void or series business which could be behind the rock o tree.

Upon arrival take it easy. Allow your body to adjust by lying down for 10-15 minutes. Rest as much as possible during the trip. Overexertion can exacerbate the symptoms.


About Salkantay Trek & Altitude Sickness

Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water before and during your stay. Many find saline nasal drops/spray beneficial.

Stick to a light diet the day before traveling to a high altitude area. Foods found easy to digest include fish, chicken, and hot liquids. Avoid fried foods, beef, lamb and caffeinated or alcoholic beverages.

Oxygen can be beneficial and is easily find Hiking along the Salkantay Trek to Machupicchu. Or could be at airports, hotels, and pharmacies.

For headaches, over-the-counter medications like acetaminophen (Tylenol), ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) and naproxen (Aleve) have been found to be helpful.

Coca tea and wild mint (Muńa) may ease the symptoms.

Stay hydrated. Drink bottled water and avoid consuming ice cubes made with tap water.

A diet high in carbohydrates, bread, cereals, grains, and pasta can also help alleviate the symptoms.

Once again, we highly recommend that you consult your personal healthcare provider before making the decision to travel to any high altitude destination and before choosing any course of treatment.

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