The Wave Arizona Best Kept Secret From the Rainbow Mountain of China and Peru
This Article it been inspired to all these lovely Colorful Mountains around the world with its been in the best-kept secret for so Many years, this is the case of the rainbow mountain of Peru, China, USA. We put this title, Best Kept Secret From the Rainbow Mountains of the wave Arizona, China, and Peru. because there are times that nature shows us wonderful landscapes that become wonderful Attractions. consequently, they go into a unique category when suddenly it is a visual show. Furthermore, this draws attract attention when it occurs in rare places that we can consider the admirable colorful orography.
Landscapes have unexplained places. At times it seems that it strives to show us an almost artistic beauty and sensibility. When this happens, places such as the Rainbow Mountains emerge, where it seems that the earth was taken as a canvas and the colors of geology are creating a masterpiece. That is the case with three unique Nationa parks located in the United States, China, and Peru. those colorful natural formations appear to have spilled a gigantic ambit wave of paintings. Completely changing its appearance and landscape.

Just take a look at the pictures to understand the ability to differentiate these three wonderful places like the  Zhangye Dan Xia landform geological park China, The waves Arizona National Park and the Rainbow Mountain in Peru, places almost triplets in the orography and geography. The gray color of the stone. The brown color of the Earth. The green of the grass is all chromatic symphony. Where other tones appear completely unusual, like other red, yellow, and blue. A material, palpable and permanent version of the Natural Rainbow.





The Rainbow Mountain of China (picture via Google) 

The best-kept secret From The Rainbow mountain of China

The Chinese National park is located in Gansu Province, in the northern West zone of the country. It measures about 520 square kilometers. A surface where the mountains, low and rounded are of about 24 million years. The erosion has acted strongly on the sandstone sculpted with curious forms.

The highlight is a fantastic color. Fruit of the deposit of mineral pigments on the rocky strata put in view by the action orogenic. Consequently, to differentiate tourists approach that site declared patrimony of humanity in 2010. They contemplate living the panoramic trails. Payment is necessary to enter.  To sightsee this route, either bus or walking gives you stunning views during your travel. There are viewpoints enabling in strategic places, in addition to crammed tourists with the best camera for photography on hand.


Rainbow mountain of Peru (Picture Via Instagram #tourleadersperu)

The best-kept secret Rainbow mountain of Peru:

But Peru also has a similar place, although it is much less known because the Andean country has so many tourist attractions and the part of the tourism monopoly is taken by a handful of cheap companies that do not protect the trails and the flora and fauna of the region. UNESCO  is already recognizing Cusco city as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but the truth is that those who visit this city entirely may thing differently. Cusco has many attractive archeological places such as the  Sacred  Valley andMachupicchu, Choquequirao, also known as the second Machupicchu, Salkantay Trek, and of course the hidden Rainbow Mountain of Vinicunca.


Rainbow mountain of Peru (Picture Via Instagram #tourleadersperu)

In this plan, almost all travelers overlook the presence of the Ausangate mountain range, this glacier is over 6,372 meters altitude (the fifth highest peak of the country) located in the Cordillera de Vilcanota, a hundred kilometers from the ancient Inca capital. The Ausangate is frequented by mountaineers but, incomprehensibly, few people know that in its vicinity they have the chromatic show of Vinicunca, a succession of elevations that have become creditors to the unofficial nickname of Rainbow Mountains.



Rainbow mountain of Peru (Picture Via Facebook (Natalie Conde )

The best-kept secret of Cusco

Cusco, the capital of the Inca Empire is well known for being one of the most beautiful cities in South America. Its nearby Sacred Valley offers unique ruins and is also near the precious Macchu Picchu. What the overwhelming majority of travelers ignore is that just 170 kilometers southwest of Cusco. The rainbow fell from the sky to merge with the Andes of Peru.

It is surprising that until recently, this geological miracle was practically unknown. The mountain painted like a Rainbow. Or also known as Vinicunca in its indigenous denomination, is in the heart of the longest mountain range on the planet (7,240 km) and perhaps that is why it is also one of its best treasures. All those who have been there already agree that the place has soul, energy, and magic that makes it unique.


The Wave Arizona 

The Sacred-kept of the Wave is a Sandstone rock Formation Located in Arizona USA, near its northern border with Utah. This Natural formation is located on the slopes of the Coyote Buttes in Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness of Colorado highland.
the Wave National Park Arizona is one of the most highly searched hiking permits in the United States, located in the Southwest of Arizona. Located at 40 minutes west of Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon. This bucket list trip attracts people from all over the world, with well over a thousand people a day applying for just 20 permits. How to get a Wave Permit?



The Wave Buttes Arizona Picture By (Google)

When Becoming Popular the Wave Arizona?

In the summer of 2009, Microsoft had a fabulous idea to include a photo of The Arizona wave Picture from Paria Canyon, titled the Sandstone Waves, Lower Antelope Canyon (Arizona, U.S) on the desktop wallpaper of Windows 7.[1]. since that moment on, the Arizona wave has been a relatively well-kept secret mountain amongst real hikers, backpacker, Drawers, and photographers were dived to “Arizona Bucket List” and suddenly everybody wanted to go the Arizona Waves.

Does that include you? Be ready to jump through some hoops, but be ready to experience a place like no other on Earth, and an adventure of a lifetime awaits you!


Sandstone Waves, Lower Antelope Canyon (Arizona, U.S.) – Picture By (Microsoft) natural-wonders-wallpaper 

Here you can see the Wave Arizona and the two important Colorful Rainbow Mountains of China and Peru’ – Picture By (google and #tourleadersperu)

Important Tip

Here you can see the Wave Arizona and the two important Colorful Rainbow Mountains of China and Peru’ – Picture By (google and #tourleadersperu)

There are few advantages to being a local tourist or U.S Citizen, and one of these is you can run over to Kanab and enter the wave Arizona permit lottery in the dead of wintry weather and attempt to get one of the 10 daily Wave Arizona permits (the different 10 being accessible on-line months in advance.) This used to be the way to get a greater chance because of the decrease crowds all through the off-season, but no longer.

If you really want to go and hike the Wave, Arizona. For more information check out


If you apply as a solo hiker and you draw the last permit you don’t get to decide to bring a friend. If you apply as a group they will let you bring 1 person so you’re not hiking alone. Or you can refuse the permit and maintain your friendships.

During winter months, the visitor center is closed on the weekends, so they draw permits for Sat, Sun, Mon on Friday. All other days are normal; permits are drawn at 9 am for the next day.

The road to the trailhead can be extremely difficult to drive on if it has recently rained or snowed.

There is little to no reception, and people have died on this hike.

As with all desert hikes in the area, get a really early start during summer months.

The two closest cities are Kanab, UT, and Page, AZ, but AZ does not follow daylight savings, so check time difference. Bring exact change in cash! 7$ a person


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