Our Story



TLPA is a company that promotes responsible Ecotourism in Cusco, Peru. We safely maintain the natural flora and fauna of the region. The aim of TLPA is for everyone in the world to see the beauty of Peru and its magnificent remnants left by the Incas. TLPA is a fully licensed professional tour operator based in Cusco, Peru and is a company dedicated to quality of life improvement. We wish to improve the lives of our staff, their family members, and the indigenous people who live in the highlands seen while trekking the trails in Cusco. TLPA already has plans and projects for sustainable tourism (see our page on Social Projects).


Our Values


YOU always come First
Our tourists are the constant resources and inspiration in all of our trips. We always do our best to make you happy and have your adventure be an unforgettable one.

Leading with passion
This means confidence, respect, and harmony with our travelers. We do our best to make the right decisions for our groups so that you can travel worry-free.

Creating a New Family
We motivate and recognize the hard work of each and every one of our staff. At the end of the year, we give prizes to our best workers and encourage the involvement of their families. We especially try to involve children because they are the future. We encourage learning, teaching, and living in harmony amongst each other. We also consider you part of the TLP Adventure family.

Amazing Tour Products
We wish to give everyone the best tour products possible. You are all Very Important People to us. We want you to have what you wish and desire for your trip.

Personalized Information
Our travelers are our inspiration and the reason in everything that we do. We make sure to inform you of all the minute details of your trip. In this manner, you won’t have any doubts and are able to be fully informed of what to expect.

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